1. Laisse le vent souffler
 2. Sweet Sweet
 3. Le fou
 4. Cliff’s zydeco
 5. La chanson ees migrateurs
 6. Lolly Lo
 7. La musique des anges
 8. La ballade de Jean Saint Malo
 9. Crevasse crevasse
 10. Bee de la manche
 11. C’est si bon
 12. Orignal ou caribou
 13. Les ailes des hirondelles
Cœur fidèle

Le Fou

Le Fou is Zachary’s 20th album. Going back to his roots, this album is steeped in the sounds and rhythms of Louisana. The texture is acoustic folk. The songs simple yet rich in emotion. The themes of resistance (Laisse le vent souffler - Let the storm wind blow), of separation (La chanson des migrateurs - The migrant’s song) and of identity (Orignal ou caribou - Moose or caribou) are still present in Zachary’s work, but this album has a unique Louisiana flavor as only Zachary Richard can prepare. Clif’s Zydeco, Sweet Sweet, Crevasse Crevasse, Bee de la manche pay tribute to the culture of Zachary’s bayou home. The title song (Le Fou - The Crazy) was inspired by the Deepwater Horizon spill of 2010. The first bird to be captured and cleaned in April of that year was a northern gannet, whose name in French is “Fou de Bassan” (Crazy from Bassan). The folly of which the song speaks is the folly of mankind in destroying the natural environment. It’s enough to make you crazy.