1. Dansé    
 2. Fire in the Night
 3. The Levee Broke
 4. Last Kiss
 5. Just Ain’t Enough
 6. Give My Heart
 7. Some Day
 8. Sweet Daniel
 9. Come to Me
 10. Au bord de Lac Bijou
 11. The Ballad of C.C. Boudreaux
 12. Acadian Driftwood
Lumière dans le noir

Last Kiss

LAST KISS is the first English language album by Zachary Richard in 15 years. Co-produced by Zachary and the celebrated New Orleans pianist, David Torkanowsky, the album was recorded in Montreal, Paris, Brussels, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Lafayette, Louisiana. Recordists include Don Murnaghan, David Farrell, and Nick Petrovski, who also mixed four songs on the album. The remaining songs were mixed by Mike Napolitano. The album features a duet with Céline Dion of the Robbie Robertson classic “Acadian Driftwood”. This track was produced by Larry Klein and mixed by Dave Way.