1. J”aime la vie
 2. Tigre en ville
 3. La mer
 4. Je voudrais me promener
 5. Dans mon jardin
 6. Hou Da Da
 7. Mon cheval Napoléon
 8. L’avion
 9. L’espoir est dans mon coeur
 10. L’univers
J’aime la vie

J’aime la vie

In July 2010, when he was 10 year old, my grandson Émile, announced to me that he wanted to record an album.  I told him that to do so, we would have to write songs. I asked him what he liked, thinking that this was a good place to start.

“J’aime la vie,” he replied: I love life.

Recorded in Montréal by Marc Beaulieu. Mixed by Marc Beaulieu and Nicolas Petrovski, Studio Mixart, Montreal