1. Keep Me Jumpin    

 2. Steal A Smile    
 3. Second Morning Song    
 4. Six Bullets in Satan    
 5. J’ai été au bal    
 6. High Time    
 7. Reach Out   
 8. Let Your Love Spread    
 9. Chère Alice    
 10. Let Me Turn to You
 11. Six Bullets in Satan (original demo)
 12. Sir Gawaine (original demo)  
 13. Deep Night Hole (original demo)  
 14. High Time (original demo)  
 15. Let Your Love Spread (original demo)  
 16. Second Morning Song (original demo)  
 17. Jeune fille Chanky Chank  
Bayou Des Mysteres

High Time

Zachary’s first album, recorded at the Record Plant in New York City, September,1973 to March 1974. In the tumult following the creation of Warner, Elektra and Asylum Records (Zachary was the last artist to sign with Elektra before the merger), the album was never released. Nearly 30 years later, after a relentless search in the Elektra vaults by Thane Tierney of Rhino Records, the album finally saw the light of day.

Produced by Robert Zachary: Zachary Richard, acoustic guitar, piano, accordéon ; Johnny Scholl,guitar; John Seiger, bass; Mark « Moogy » Klingman, organ; Ralph Shuckett, fiddle; Steve Gadd, drums; Michael Doucet, acoustic guitar and background vocals; Kenneth Richard, acoustic guitar and background vocals; Leslie Donovan, background vocals.

Includes demo recordings featuring Zachary and Rick Tobey, electric guitar.