1. Zydeco Jump
 2. La ballade d’Émile Benoît
 3. La ballade du Irving Whale
 4. Jena Blues
 5. Catherine, Catherine
 6. Manchac
 7. La ballade de l’exclu
 8. Au bal du Bataclan
 9. Dans les grands chemins

10. Pop the Gator


11. It might be love


12. Sweet little darling of mine


13. Somebody Calling

14. Fais briller ta lumière


15. La Saskatchewan




Gombo (Gumbo) is the most typical Louisiana dish. Comprised of a host of ingredients and derived from many traditions, gombo is the product of and a symbol for the multi-ethnic culture of Louisiana.

Gombo is Zachary Richard's 21st studio album in a career spanning 45 years. The songs run the gamut from the festive Louisiana influenced Zydeco Jump / Dans les grands chemins / Catherine, Catherine / Pop the Gator to the more reflective La ballade de l'exlcu / Au bal du Bataclan. A passionate student of Louisiana history, Zachary's songs are inspired by the often difficult and ever compelling history of the Bayou State : Manchac / Jena Blues. Devoted to the survival of the French language culture of North America, Zachary pays tribute to far flung French communities : La ballade du Irving Whale (Les Îles de la Madeleine) La ballade d'Émile Benoît (Newfoundland) La Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan). There are love songs: Sweet little darling of mine / Somebody calling and a song which examines the nature of romantic love : It might be love. There are two remarkable duets : Catherine, Catherine, written and performed with the remarkable Québec singer Robert Charlebois and the magnificent anthem of hope Fais briller ta lumière, performed with African super-star Angélique Kidjo.

Co-produced by New Orleans legend David Toraknowsky, Gombo features a host of fantastic musicians including guitarists Roddie Romero, Shane Theriot and Rick Haworth and the one and only Francis Covan on fiddle and accordion. A tribute to the multi-ethnic culture of Louisiana, Gombo is an emotional voyage into the passionate universe of one of North America's most brilliant songwriters.