1. Cap Enragé    4:30
 2. Marjolaine    4:08
 3. Petit Codiac    3:27
 4. Au bord de Lac Bijou    4:40
 5. J'peux pas m'empêcher    4:01
 6. Dans le nord Canadien    6:52
 7. La ballade de Jean Batailleur    4:48
 8. Aux Natchitoches    4:24
 9. Johnny Danser    3:54
 10. Au paradis avec toi    3:54
 11. Au ranch à Willy    5:07
 12. Pleine lune en Décembre    5:37
Zachary Richard - Cap Enragé

Cap Enragé

1996, Initial ADCD 10093

Recorded at the Studio La Frette, Paris, France, 1995. Produced by Joe Hammer. Eric Sauviat-guitar, Didier Alexandre-bass, Joe Hammer-drums, Bill Dillon-guitar, Freddie Koella-guitar, Michel Rivard-acoustic guitar, Matt Clifford-keyboards, Benoit Blue Boy-harmonica. After ten years of writing and performing primarily in English, following the first Acadian World Congress of 1994, Zachary began to write again in French in ernest. The result was his most successful album to date (double platinum). Highly evocative and rich in musical textures, Cap Enragé has become a classic. Contains English language translation booklet.