Zachary Richard  

Orignal ou Caribou

I arrived in this world,
No one to tell me,
No one to show me the way.

I have always asked myself
Who I am, from where do I come.
Fron the north or the south
From the evening or the morn. 

When I see the vast herds
I want to follow in their tracks.   
Walk with them             
To lose myself in the mass.                
But then I hear the solitary one                                     
And I know through where he passes                                              
I know how he feels                                  
And I know why he breaks                                 
When I see my own skin                            
I ask where is my place            
To know once and for all         
Am I moose or caribou.                    

For many long years,
I have sought the mirror.
I would like to gaze upon myself
To finally see me.

To see the style of my antlers
And the color of my eyes,
To know my territory
And to understand my vow. 

Paroles et musique : Émile Cullin, Florent Vollant, Zachary Richard Les Éditions du Marais Bouleur / Mushku Music