Zachary Richard  

La promesse cassée
The broken promise

Where are you my dear friend
Days and nights I have waited for you.
And the nights are so long.

Here it is so sad to see
The eagle with ivory wings
Turning above
Unable to recognize his world

There on the water, our livesbroken into a thousand pieces
This is all that is left,
The thousand pieces of your promise

You swore, your hand on a book (on the bible)
That we would be happy and free and proud
Standing tall in our land.

But we are on the sidewalk
White souls, black souls waiting (NB In French the connotation of white and black in reference to souls is as much « good » and « bad » as opposed to the English connotation of « white folks » and « black folks)
In the same prayer (Saying the same prayer)

Noah, take me away
As far as can be.


Zachary Richard, Francis Cabrel, Les Editions du Marais Bouleur/Productions Chandelle