Zachary Richard  

Le Grand Gosier (English Translation)

Grand Gosier can best be translated as : Big Gullet.  This is the name given to the Brown Pelican in the Cajun French of the coastal parishes of Louisiana.  This song was written and is interpreted by francophone authors whose communal origins are symbolic of the diveristy of ethnic French experience in North America. 

The music and the initial compostion are the creation of Rocky McKeon.  Rocky is from Cocodrie, Louisiana where Bayou Petit Caillou enters the Gulf.  This community is at ground-zero of Coastal Erosion and is also one of the areas most impacted by the oil spill of 2010. 

The co-authors are Ricardo Lamour alias Emrical and SamianEmrical is of the Haitian community of Montreal.  Samian is  Native-American of  Algonguin  heritage.  

Of particular interest is the fact that Grand Gosier is not only the Lousiana French name of the Brown Pelican, but also the name of a village in the Southeastern Haiti.  The lyrics in Créole (Kreyòl  Ayisyen) make reference not only to the oil spill of but also to the earthquake of January 2010.    

Rocky :
Le Grand Gosier (Big Gullet) is covered in oil
Le Grand Gosier is dying
The sky is red
The sea is black
If I told you,
You would not understand.    

Samian :
The disaster has happened, with no return,
No concern for my well-being, nor that of my community.
Unable to fly, my wings stuck to the ground.
While you are losing money, I am soaked in oil.

Why is this happening to me this time?
But after all, I am nothing but a bird and I have no gravestone.
You have soiled my memory and so I will always remember
That this catastrophy is « natural » but that the error is « human ».

Emrical :

Dear friend, what do you want me to do ? 
Don’t you see that the demon that is killing me is the same that provides my return to life ?
The same that pretends to be there to bless men with happiness
And that has made me know suffering more terrible than winter.
The only thing that I want is to rest.  Please....
I ask for nothing more.  Only a little water to drink.
My whole body suffers. I am as black as a crow.
Flailing like a corpse in a tomb.