Zachary Richard  

Dream of Woman Sleeping

Facing full moon diminishing by the sun
     Tonight light white upon street and trees and
          Houses in a river town with large muddy
Water flow around devious curve backward into white
     Night spent staring into face of full moon
          Flowing like edge of meteor burning
Atmosphere smashing ground with melody of jazz rhythm
     With the window open no sheet sweating with
          Humid skin next to love and loving close
Skin to bone burnt by the sun skeleton bleached white
     Light of the moon at night on water reflection of          
          Earth wave motion delight dancing on river
Surface of earth diminishing burnt by volcano love
     Writhing on cold bed with the windows closed
          Wearing white gown with blue light leading
Through earth core to heart of sun sending light against
     Moon to man in frenzy blood by crazy night      
          Dream of separation and conjunction combined
Voices wailing, beat of heart, song of love,
     Attack to death, ring of bell, green jungle in peace,
          Brown savannah burning, great river flowing,
Moon at night after night of full moon, wax of cycle,
     Return to earth, sun burn to shelter white, cooling breeze,
          Winter chill, dream of love, peaceful dream of woman