Zachary Richard  

La Ballade de Jean Batailleur

My name is Jean, Jean Fighter,
I am so lonely that it scares me.
I am an orphan, abandonned,
Under the full moon they found me.

At the end of the world, where I was born,
Life is hard, love is broken.
It’s not worth pretending,
Everything is fucked, everything is rotten,
Life is hard, there is no hope,
When you are as mean as me.

Pass the bottle, serve me a glass,
The more that I drink, the more I see clearly,
There is no future, there will be none,
Only bitterness and trouble.
Sometimes I see a red star,
I hear the call, I feel (or smell) the wolf.

Get your knife, let’s go outside,
Come one and dance with little Jean.
With fists and with guns,
I am the baddest in the land.
But all I got from it was trouble,
Stitches and enemies.

(The coda in Louisiane Créole)
Do you know what I have?
I have nothing.


Zachary Richard, Les Editions du Marais Bouleur