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1. Keep Me Jumping    3:33

Zack Attack
 2. Esmeralda    3:07
 3. I Yi Yi    2:29
 4. Dear Darling    4:46
 5. Zydeco Party    4:57
 6. Joe Pitre a deaux femmes    3:23
 7. Tell Everybody    2:51
 8. Hold On    4:30
 9. Rock It Out    3:32
 10. Save Me, Sarah    5:07

Zack Attack
1984, RZ Records RZ 1009

Recorded at the Studio Continental, Paris, France, 1984. Produced by Dominic Blancfrancard and Zachary Richard. Basile Leroux-guitar, Craig Légé-keyboards, Didier Alexandre-bass, Joe Hammer-drums, Michel séguin-percussions, with background vocals by Jocelyne Bérouard, Carole Federicks, Maria Popkiewicz and Lisa Ruiz. Zachary’s first Parisian sessions featuring the crème de la crème of the French music scene, with several songs co-written by Claude-Michel Schonberg.