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1. Migration    6:16

Allons Danser
 2. Son premier bal    4:33
 3. Comme une oiseaue/Comme deux loups    7:43
 4. Les ailes des hirondelles    2:50
 5. La ballade de Jackie Vautour    6:19
 6. La ballade de Beausoleil    9:29
 7. La berceuse créole    3:30

1977, RZ Records RZ 2001

Studio Tempo, Montréal, 1978. Bruce MacDonald-guitar, Dana Breaux-guitar, Ronny Domingue-bass, Kenneth Blevins-drums, Michel Séguin-percussion, Robert Stanley-guitar, Richard Beaudet-saxophone, Jeff Fisher-synthisizer, Michel Dion-bass, Denis Farmer-drums. Background vocals by Alma Fay Brooks, Laurie Niedzielski, Judi Richards, and Roy Harrington. With this album, Zachary departed from the Louisiana sound. This album has an experimental quality, many of the songs over five minutes. Zachary’s first gold album.